As Dedekind Cut, Lee Bannon Leaves the Mainstream Behind—For Good

schöner artikel über lee bannons dedekind cut-projekt und das neue album.

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Lee Bannon

When Fred Warmsley moved to New York four years ago, his career path couldn’t have been clearer: he was going to back Joey Bada$$ behind the boards and onstage and become one of the breakout acts in Bada$$’s Pro Era crew. But something unexpected happened as the Sacramento native settled into the city, however—his side project, as Lee Bannon, kept getting weirder, bouncing from bold rap beats to experiments with restless drone, ambient, and drum ’n‘ bass that wouldn’t sound out of place on Planet Mu, Warp, or his eventual home, Ninja Tune.

While hints of this abrupt shift had appeared in Warmsley’s hip-hop output before, 2013’s Place/Crusher EP dove straight into the deep end, flinging left-field loops and minor-key melodies into the abyss. But as the buzz began to build around Bannon’s proper Ninja Tune LP (Alternate/Endings), many of his old fans didn’t quite know…

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