Kastle – Reflections [Symbol] — Robyn Thinks


Kastle hat gerade ein sehr schönes Album auf seinem Symbols Label veröffentlicht, dass vor (Old School) Jungle und Garage Referenzen nur so strotzt. Ich mochte seine bisherigen Releases auch immer sehr gerne, das Album vereint jetzt seine Sounds von 100 bis 160 BPM auf insgesamt 12 Tracks sehr gut. Hier unten mal als Referenz sein […]

via Kastle – Reflections [Symbol] — Robyn Thinks

woche 42

  1. frank oceanblonde (2016)
  2. gundamwaifu (2016)
  3. blood orangefreetown sound (2016)
  4. ras gthe gospel of the god spell (2016)
  5. gaikasecurity (2016)
  6. grant – cranks (2016)
  7. jean michel jarreequinoxe (1978)
  8. ziúrtaiga (2016)
  9. m.i.a.aim (2016)
  10. saafronreishi (2016)

Drum & Bass: The Next Generation

bandcamp liefert hier eine schöne auswahl aktueller und innovativer drum&bass-label, die die grosse bandbreite dieser musik unter der oberfläche des mainstreams mit grossem selbstbewusstsein repräsentieren. besonders freut die nennung von lightless, eines meiner ganz grossen lieblingslabel und heimat ganz grosser breaks.

Bandcamp Daily

Moresounds, on Cosmic Bridge Records.

When Goldie named his 1995 debut album Timeless, the statement was clear: his music was here to stay. A hip-hop kid, dance music enthusiast and budding producer, Goldie captured the zeitgeist of the time by seizing the forward-thinking, social utopia of rave culture to transform the skittish rhythms and rumbling bass of jungle—a British fusion of hip-hop, house, and techno—into a sleek, futuristic prototype called drum & bass. Twenty years on, Timeless has held up to its sonic promise, and the man behind it has been recognized for his contributions to British arts and culture with an Order of the British Empire.

Long seen as the more raucous member of the dance music family, thanks in no small part to its breathless tempos (between 160 and 170 beats per minute), drum & bass has aged into a British institution still capable of regular incursions…

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TTB Mix For The Astral Plane

toller mix und ein interessantes interview mit tabitha thorlu-bangura von nts radio.

The Astral Plane


Earlier this year, London’s NTS Radio celebrated its fifth year in existence, a landmark event for a young organization that has had an indelible impact on electronic music in particular and underground musics in general since it was founded in April 2011. In all likelihood, your favorite artists and labels have had an NTS show at some point in the past half decade and the station’s special programming – rapidly expanding into the live, a/v and performance sectors – is to be lauded. Like most special arts organizations, the people behind NTS are what makes the operation tick, which brings us to Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, one of NTS’s star employees and one of its many unsung DJ heroes. The TTB show (also her alias while DJing out) runs for an hour every month and is consistently home to some of the best pop ephemera, contemporary folk musics, noisy gems and…

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