bandcamp daily in westafrika

der bandcamp-blog erweist sich mal wieder als essentielle plattform, um in eher unbekannten stilen und weltgegenden musikalisch à jour zu bleiben. diesmal gehts um die hiplife-kultur der neuen generation und das grossartige akwaaba-label aus accra.

A guide to the musicians who are shifting the perception of the Motherland’s sound.

via Akwaaba Music Spotlights the Alternative “Hiplife” of Africa’s Youth — Bandcamp Daily

Africa Rising: Shaping the Global Sound — Bandcamp Daily

Percussionist Esa, queer duo FAKA and Lady Vendredi “In stark contrast to the clichés of African music as “sunny” and dance-oriented, the sound here is an intensely dystopian Afrofuturism.” Trying to parse the many intercontinental influences in club/electronic music can make your head spin. Ever-increasing globalization means that the transmission of ideas around the planet […]

via Africa Rising: Shaping the Global Sound — Bandcamp Daily